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Verify ID Documents globally in seconds, deliver high-conversion onboarding experiences, offset the cost of KYC.

Global identity verification means you can onboard more customers no matter where your audience is – at least 27% more customers actually.

Complex signup flows cost your business valuable customers and increase your average Cost of Acquisition. Boost your onboarding completion rates by at least 50% with 1-tap KYC.

Future-proof your business with our ID Provider as a Service (IDPaaS) and become an indirect ID Provider. Freeing your business from big tech sign-up and create passive revenue from KYC.

How our partners use the Magic identity platform



Reach eligible clients
& reduce CAC

Magic Zero-Knowledge
Marketing suite

Post offers to pre-verified users that fit your business needs while Magic minimizes the data flow and ensures compliance



Aquire them securely
& conveniently

Magic Recycled ♻️

1-tap KYC for minimum friction

Magic Fresh 🍃

State-of-the-art KYC tools covering over 10.000 ID documents globally, powered by AI and assisted by human verification for optimal performance



Offset the costs of KYC
& create passive revenue

Magic Auth

KYC-grade Authorization and RBAC that distributes passive revenue to the network and offsets KYC costs

Why Magic over your typical ID Verification provider

Identity data holds immense value for businesses. Digital ID verification has transformed how remote business is conducted, but it hasn’t seen significant evolution in over five years.

There is so much untapped value in reusing verified identity data and we’re developing the platform that allows and incentivizes businesses to exchange identity credentials

securely while remaining compliant and making their customers’ lives easier.

In the Magic ID network, this translates to businesses generating parallel revenue while providing pre-approved access to essential services for individuals. We’re dedicated to facilitating trusted collaboration between businesses and individuals, with a strong emphasis on privacy-by-design.


Magic is currently in a Closed Beta phase. We’re using cutting edge technology to make digital identity seamless for individuals, simplifying their experience while safeguarding their privacy. Our technology is undergoing rigorous testing with leading

startups and scale-ups before its public release. We are still accepting new partners but our documentation is not publicly available. Get in touch with our team to find if you’re eligible to join the Beta and receive early adopter benefits.

Identity verification platforms have never been as omnipresent in your customers’ lifecycle

trust each other
without knowing
one another