For Businesses

Verify ID Documents globally in seconds, deliver high-conversion onboarding experiences, offset the cost of KYC.

One integration can convert your app into an ID wallet for your customers



Go Fresh 🍃

AI based, global ID Verification with deepfake protection and liveness detection

Recycled ♻️

Like “sign-up with Google” but further reducing the sign-up fatigue


Enrich ID Data

Verifiable ID Credentials

Add credentials to existing digital identities and get paid when others consume the credentials


Drive Growth


Reach customers that fit your compliance, improve conversions, and offer the most appropriate balance of security and friction depending for every customer profile

One API, three powerful functions

Scaleable identity verification that guarantees compliance and privacy-centric loyalty programs built on state-of-the-art verifiable credentials

paired with identity infrastructure out of the box that allows your business to minimize sensitive data storage and decrease identity overhead but without missing out

Ready to upgrade your app into an identity super app? Request access to the Magic API

Due to proprietary development, our APIs are still not publicly available but we currently onboard 3-5 new partners every month. Please get in touch and a member of our team will reach out to evaluate when it’s the best time to join us.