For Individuals

Magic ID means freedom. From the hassle of verifying your identity multiple times. From the lack of control over who possesses your identity data and what they do with it. Earn from your data while our identity assistant magically keeps you in control.


In the time of Artificial Intelligence, where data-driven decisions are the norm, data means power.

Unfortunately, we often don’t have much control over our own data. Every time we use a service that asks for our personal information, we’re not the ones in charge. We don’t get to decide how much or what kind of data we share.

At Magic, we think there’s a better way, one that respects your privacy while benefiting both you and the companies you deal with. We believe it’s not too late to make this change, but we need to start now.

Your data secure

At Magic, we’re imagining a future where you don’t have to give away your personal information to prove you’re eligible or trustworthy for a service.

Instead of sharing your private data, your Magic ID answers only yes or no questions that protect your privacy.

We pair this approach with transparent, consent-driven data sharing. You always know when and what kind of data you’re sharing when you create an account. Plus, with Magic, managing the services you’ve shared your data with becomes a simple everyday task. If you ever want to take back access to your data, Magic’s got you covered. (We always put you in charge of your data.)

And here’s the magic trick: Our anonymization technology ensures that when you use your Magic ID to access multiple services, you can’t be tracked or identified without your explicit intent. It’s all about giving you access to what matters, just by being yourself. It’s simple, just like magic.


While simplicity is the heart of our vision, we’re also partnering with businesses to promote growth. Businesses that join our network offer special rewards and advantages to individuals.

In the true Magic spirit, we’re starting with something simple – for instance, if your Magic ID includes a driving license verification, you might get discounts on car rentals and other mobility services.

Looking ahead three years, you could receive pre-approved mortgage offers, potentially bringing you one step closer to your dream home, all with just a few taps. Your Magic ID takes care of everything behind the scenes, keeping your identity data safe and private so you can enjoy these benefits effortlessly.

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