Connecting businesses and people who want to

trust each other without knowing one another

Verify your Customers (KYC) in seconds while they enjoy the simplicity that Digital Identity brings to their life. Reward them with special perks & benefits and create passive revenue in the process

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Turning identity verification

into magic

Magic ID simplifies the integration of identity verification and reduces the sign-up steps to 1-tap. No identity wallet needed and no password to remember. Simple, secure, Magic.

why magic

We are building a future where everyone enjoys equal digital access, where safeguarding people’s privacy is the default.

Businesses use our ID verification and privacy-first marketing platform to attract and onboard pre-verified customers that they can safely do business with.

People receive benefits, perks and pre-approved access to essential services, like banking, loans & credit, insurance, healthcare, and mobility/travel.

Magic safeguards the information flow using cryptographic techniques, so no identity data is exposed until a transaction is about to be completed.

What is Magic

Magic is a GDPR compliant identity network that allows organizations to exchange identity verification credentials among them while remaining fully compliant with data protection regulations.

Magic ID the personal identity assistant that makes accessing essential services a 1-tap experience and sends personalized, privacy-first, offers to people. Making our digital lives simple, like magic.

Combined with a state-of-the-art KYC suite powered by A.I. to verify the identity of new users and our reputation models that dynamically update trusted identities in the network.

And a privacy-first, ZK Marketing engine that allows companies to discover and acquire pre-verified users and create passive revenue that offsets their KYC costs and increases their turnover.

Together, they create a robust ecosystem where companies and people can trust each other by default, without the need to expose sensitive data until the moment of establishing a business relationship.

IDV and KYC Data

The Importance of Identity Verification (IDV) for Everyone, Business and Individuals.

IDV, or Identity Verification, is a crucial process for both businesses and individuals today. If you’re a business owner, you might spend anywhere from $1.5 to $5 for each individual verification. And you might be losing more than half of your customer funnel because they find the verification process too complex.

For everyday people, using online services often requires you to provide personal information, like passport photos and facial scans.

This information, often called ‘Know-Your-Customer’ data, is what lets you access important services like banking, credit, insurance, healthcare, and education.

Businesses use this identity data to follow rules and regulations, but also to build a wide network of trusted customers.

Magic For Business

In a survey we conducted on a representative sample of UK adults in April 2023, 9 out of 10 people we asked, said that “They feel powerless when it comes to their sensitive data online”. As customers/users gain more and more awareness regarding the value of their personal information they require more control of it.

your customers

Build stronger relationships with your clients by making their digital lives smoother. In a world of complicated online verification procedures, everyday simplicity has huge value.

Personal Identity Data is an extremely valuable asset nowadays, but still we control too little of our own data.

Break free from
the Big Tech

Our mission is to provide the tools for businesses to create more growth from the identity data they process, while people seamlessly gain control on who has access to their private data. The Magic ID platform is designed to distribute value to all participants in the process. Break free from Big Tech, with Magic personal ID servers.