Imagine a future where
we never have to

register, verify or
fill out another form
fill another formovershare personal dataregisterverifyworry about fraud onlineremember usernames and passwords

Sign Up Your Customers Once, Keep them Forever

Harness the power of real customer identity and AI-personalized rewards to offer what your customers need, when, and where they need it.

Magic ID guarantees a high conversion, secure, onboarding journey that is smoother than “sign-up with Google”

Embrace a new age of hyper-personalization

Magic is a Customer Engagement Managed Service, combining Digital IDs and AI to help enterprises build personalized experiences for real customers and prospects.

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Enhanced and Connected User ID

Reach real, verified, customers who can convert with minimal friction

Enable seamless cross-party handover without emails or passwords to remember, just one biometric liveness check.

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Behaviour Insights & Loyalty

Personalized AI loyalty that delivers the right services, at the right time, from the right partner - ours or yours

Understand your customers’ preferences across parties like never before

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Extended Customer Permissions

Our Consent-driven access platform will ensure you satisfy data regulation compliance.

Give your customers control over their Digital Identity with on/off sharing preferences

Unlocking the Magic

The impact of our initial pilots, reaching over 50 million individuals across three countries and powering five diverse use cases, is just the beginning...

Strategic Pilots


Individual IDs

Use Cases Powered



can verify new people or allow their customers to access ecosystem or 3rd party services without the need to sign up, fill out forms, or verify again.

End users...

gain privileged access to, and rewards from, services curated by their personal AI. That comes with a personal data dashboard where they manage who has access to their information and revoke it. It’s a turn on / turn off data rewards system, off by default.

All you need to start accepting Magic IDs, with zero friction, is add3 linesof code to your website or app.

Businesses integrate with our Magic IDs to gain fresh verification, reusable digital ID, and a rewards UI for their mobile or web apps.

Who we are

We are a group of operators and founders with background in IAM, ID Verification, and Banking.

We have designed a decentralized identity platform that leverages the most up-to-date W3C principles for accessibility, internationalization, privacy, and security.