Become like “sign-up with Google” for your customers.

Plug into our proprietary ID platform and without any change to your existing onboarding flows, create digital identities for your customers that enable secure cross-channel and cross-party sign-ups… without the sign-up fatigue!

Current Situation

The age of hyper-personalization has arrived, but you still only see your customers through the lens of your own business silo.

As users of digital services, we leave traces of our data in everything we do. The companies who benefit the most from that are the Big Tech. The cross party insights they have access to allows them to expand vertically in every possible industry.

Magic is a proprietary identity platform, built on globally addressable digital IDs, like

Magic IDs allow for decentralized authorizations that take place at the individual ID level

On Board

Verify the identity of new customers to prevent fraud and satisfy global and local regulatory compliance, including eIDAS, KYC, and AML.

Go Fresh

AI driven ID Verification covering more than 2,500 global documents with deepfake protection and liveness detection


Like “sign-up with Google”, only smoother, using robust verifiable credentials to minimize verification steps and safeguard user privacy

Add and Monetize Credentials

Add new verifiable credentials to existing digital identities and get paid when users reuse these credentials in any other service

Manage Authorizations for Robust Access Management

Give the right access to the right user and retract access when required. Keep a clean audit trail and protect your business from data protection fines.

Drive Growth

Improve conversions by deploying the most appropriate journey to balance security and friction for every customer. Send offers directly to the customers that fit your compliance criteria and are looking for your services